Anyone who knows me knows I love wine. There’s something about wine-tasting and visiting vineyards that transports me to another place and time. Even if I’m only at a winery 10 minutes up the road, I find myself temporarily in Napa, or Tuscany, or the Columbia Gorge — I’m on a mental vacation from my responsibilities, sharing in a glass that is a universal symbol for hospitality, in a location that reminds me of the old world.

As a makeup artist and stylist, I love finding ways to merge style with comfort and ease. Like you, my days are full with work and family. Being efficient is a necessity. When I’m out wine tasting, I view it similarly. I’m usually wine tasting while visiting a different city, thus thinking through how to bring the essentials without over-packing. Over time, I’ve narrowed down my list of what to bring to a few key staples. I’m excited to share my favorites with you and hope they help you prepare for your next wine-tasting trip, whether you’re going to Woodinville for the day or being whisked away to Sonoma!


Narrowing down what to wear can sometimes be the most intimidating decision of all. Depending on your itinerary, you could be standing for a lot of your day, sitting for a lot of your day, and visiting a variety of wineries that could range anywhere from a warehouse to a lush countryside villa. I’ve found that I like to stick to simple outfits. Either jeans and a crisp, light blouse, or a basic shirt with a long flowy skirt (or, alternatively, a maxi dress). Both options are simple, easy and small to pack if you’re headed out of town, and can be dressed up or down depending on your situation. You won’t feel out of place if your trip takes you to a farm, but you’ll also feel polished at the finer wineries you visit. Personally, as someone who calls it a victory if I make it through the day without spilling on my shirt, I particularly like to stick to dark or patterned colors when wine tasting. Wine is not going to come out with my trusty Tide to Go pen, so if I accidentally spill while out for the day, it’s not as noticeable on dark/patterned outfits. This way, I can continue throughout the day without worrying about trying to hide the evidence of my clumsiness.


Especially in the fall, bringing layers can be key. Most wineries crush and blend their grapes in the fall, and many have bonus tours taking you to the cellars or warehouses to see where the magic happens. Because the wine needs to be temperature controlled during the wine-making process, these cellars are often on the chilly side. I love to bring a shawl or cardigan with me to keep warm for these adventures. Shawls are my personal favorite because I find they add an extra boost of both style and warmth. Plus, if I do spill, they’re more likely to cover it up!


Even though I’m a makeup artist, that doesn’t mean I have time to do my own makeup. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my routine and give me more time in the day. I’ve found that my favorite way to do this is to keep my face simple and go with a bold lip. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they “love my makeup” when lipstick really is the only thing I’m wearing. It’s the easiest, cheapest way to polish your look without putting in much effort at all.

When I’m wine tasting, I usually reach for a lip stain to help me out. This way, I don’t have to worry about it transferring and having to reapply it throughout the day, which is otherwise bound to happen with all that sipping and snacking. Lip stains/liquid lipsticks are trending big right now. I’m not always a fan of liquid lipsticks because they can look painted on rather than appearing natural. My favorite lip stain to grab on-the-go is Maybelline’s Super Stay 24. I love it because it has a good color payoff but isn’t too opaque, helping it melt into your lips better for a more natural look. It also has a gloss to help protect the color and hydrate your lips. It’s one of my favorite stains under $10 and is the perfect way to affordably spruce up your look for a day at the winery!


I love me a good pair of shoes, and when I’m going to a winery and keeping my overall look chic and simple, shoes are the perfect way to bring back in a little extra style. Normally, I’m a sucker for heels (at 5’4″, I’ll take all the help I can get). When I visit wineries, I like to opt instead for a cute wedge. They can strike a good balance between being dressed up and dressed down, give me the little lift that I want, and I’m not as likely to get them stuck in grass like I might if I were to wear my traditional stiletto. When I’m just not feeling the wedge for the day, I’ll switch instead to a simple black flat. They’re comfy, sleek, go with any outfit, and are easy to pack for a day/weekend away.


I have two go-to moves when accessorizing for wine tasting. First, because I usually keep my clothing choice simple, I’ve found I can keep accessories simple with one bigger statement piece. A chunky necklace, a killer bracelet, a bold ring, or something along those lines; you only need one piece of jewelry to make a statement, which minimizes how many pieces you might be trying to travel with.

I also like to bring a larger purse/tote with me. This can hold my sweater or cardigan so I don’t have to carry it throughout the day. Many wineries these days also let you bring your own crackers/cheese/snacks, so a larger tote instead of a purse can carry a few munchies for me and my group to enjoy while we’re out tasting too!

"Shawls are my personal favorite because I find they add an extra boost of both style and warmth. Plus, if I do spill, they’re more likely to cover it up!"