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It’s not every day you walk into a shop and find clothing, jewelry, and art alongside decadent desserts. But Pies & Such has done just that in La Conner, and co-owners Jeneé Geoghegan and Mo Jensen couldn’t be happier. Together they keep fresh pies and cakes in the display case and handmade jewelry and colorful clothing on the racks.


Don’t be surprised to hear laughter as you enter the store. Jensen and Geoghegan’s friendship flows throughout the store, creating a warm, welcoming, and fun vibe. The lights have been covered slightly, giving the place a soft, comfortable glow that contrasts with the brightly colored clothes. Plus, display cases full of desserts just beg to be taken home. It’s a busy scene, but never overwhelming.


The story behind Pies & Such is a bit of a whirlwind. Jensen and Geoghegan met for the first time in the winter of 2016. Less than a year later, in March 2017, they opened for business. Geoghegan said she was too excited about the shop to be nervous about how fast things were moving. While neither of them had ever run a storefront before, they said they have both been frequent sellers at farmers markets in the past. When they made the big leap into retail, they each brought their own skills to the business. Geoghegan, who has a culinary degree, provides the Pies. Jensen, who had already been an avid jewelry maker, provides the “& Such.”


If Pies & Such had to be described with one word, it would be “eclectic,” Geoghegan said. “We have a little of everything.” For the “& Such” section, Jensen orders clothes and jewelry from India. The loose, colorful fabrics are fun with a bohemian chic. Jensen’s own handmade jewelry decorates the shelves, along with other trinkets around the shop. Over in the “Pies” section of the store, Geoghegan’s desserts are positively luscious. There are mini pies baked fresh with seasonal fruit. The strawberry pie is divine. Plus, Geoghegan bakes treats like monkey bread, toffee cookie bars, carrot cake, cheesecake and more. But the best part is, Geoghegan has free samples out on the counter for visitors to try.


There are plenty of sweet treats to choose from in Pies & Such. Customers are partial to Geoghegan’s coconut cream pie, she said. But her own personal favorite is the blueberry raspberry pie. It’s a favorite flavor of Jensen’s as well. “I put one out for people to sample, and we sold all of them that we had.” When it comes to choosing between the vibrant dresses, paintings, and other trinkets in the store, Jensen said her favorites are the pieces of jewelry she makes herself. One particular piece she’s currently fond of is a beaded necklace with an ammonite pendent.

306 Morris St., La Conner
360.399.1746 | facebook.com/SuchPies

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"Together they keep fresh pies and cakes in the display case and handmade jewelry and colorful clothing on the racks."