Sweating with Style: What to Do and What to Have

Sure, you love running or your 8 a.m. yoga class, but mixing up how you get your daily burn is a fun way to achieve a complete body transformation. Cross-training is in vogue and for good reason: changing up your workouts challenges different muscles in different ways and that helps you become stronger, leaner, and less tired. Afraid you’ll enter a workout unprepared? You have to have a multi-purpose wardrobe too. We’ve got the essentials you need for every workout, with some even working double-duty. You’ll feel great and look stylish!

Ultimate Essential

Joules Athletics Ashley Legging

The perfect pair of athletic pants are Joules Athletics Ashley legging. Perfect as a base layer for cold activities like skiing or snowshoeing, and ideal for flexible moves. The stitching is done in a way that to prevents chafing, so lace up those running sneakers! Plus, like any good leggings, the back is higher than the front to avoid the dreaded “bend over and give everyone a show” ordeal.



Start the week swimming. Like the activity but hate looking like an owl afterward? Try the Speedo MDR 2.4 Polarized goggle. The wide lens widens your frame of vision, while elastomeric technology lightens the pressure on your eye sockets.



Try a class that lengthens your muscles. Barre, acrobatic yoga and pilates will do the trick. For any noshoe studio classes, keep your feet clean and secure during the most challenging poses with grippy socks. We love Gaiam’s Grippy Yoga-Barre Socks. In addition to the non-slip bottoms, criss-crossed elastic straps keep the socks in place.



Spike up your endurance with a spinning class. Keep your momentum strong with a water bottle big enough to quench your thirst but small enough to fit into the bike’s drink cage. A plus: Being able to pop it open with one hand. Try the Nalgene Everyday on the Fly Water Bottle.



It’s time for some heavy metal. Strengthen those muscles by lifting weights. Maintain a good grip while protecting your palms from callouses with lightweight lifting gloves. We like the minimalist feel and grip of the Contraband Pink Label 5537 Women MICRO Weight Lifting Gloves with Grip-Lock Padding. (P.S. They come in many colors, not just pink)



Get some serious OM during yoga class. Is drippy sweat or unruly hair a problem? Try out a Buff. It’s versatile enough to wear as a thick or thin headband and even a hair tie. Off the mat, the Buff is great for protecting against wind, UV light, and cold during outdoor activities. This is one essential that will see you through many activities.





Gear up for an outdoor run. Your body is working hard enough without you having to deal with chafing. Use Waxelene Anti-Chafe Balm. It’s made simply with soy oil and beeswax with a light, clean scent.




Recover with a comfortable walk either in town or on one of our many beautiful trails. Experiencing some soreness? Help boost your recovery with

The Stick, a plastic rod surrounded by plastic spindles that roll independently to help knead out sore muscles. It’s been used by top athletes since 1988, so you know it can handle your tight hamstrings.

Workout Bag Essentials

Pack your gym bag with a few key items and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. We asked Eat the Frog (ETF) personal trainers Kaylene Giri and Shelly Geist, both coaches at Thrive Community Fitness in Anacortes, what they keep in their gym bags to stay fresh and stylish.


lucy-support sport-bra

Extra pair of socks, hair ties, and sports bra (Lucy Support Sport Bra shown). You never know when you’ll be running late and forget one of these crucial items.





Pre- and post-work-out snacks like Sports Beans, a good PowerBar, or protein mix. A snack will keep even the busiest of exercisers satisfied.



Baby wipes, dry shampoo, and spray deodorant to freshen up without a shower.



Your favorite pain relieving gel, like BioFreeze.

With these essentials, it’ll be easier to go from sweaty to glowing in minutes. If you’re always in a time crunch to fit in a workout and find yourself trying to go from red-faced to put-together instantly, then try some of these tips:

To dispel redness, Giri washes her face with cold water.

To style sweaty hair quickly, use dry shampoo like Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, or don a wide headband, like Geist does.

You’ve managed to wash your hair, but have no time to dry it? Pull it into a ponytail, do a simple braid, then wrap into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. You have a chic, polished look and your heavy, wet hair will help keep itself in place.


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"Afraid you'll enter a workout unprepared? You have to have a multi-purpose wardrobe too. "