The Lynden market was originally founded in 2011 with the goal of supporting local artisans and farmers. It usually hosts around 20 vendors, but since vendors are not required to commit to an entire season, the market shifts each week. The market was founded by the non-profit Christian-based conservation group, A Rocha USA, and is run as part of the group’s Five Loaves Farm community garden project. The Five Loaves Farm community garden in Lynden works to distribute food to those in need, and to reconnect consumers with the source of their food.

Known For

Being helpful to vendors themselves by keeping fees low and rules and regulations from being too restrictive for its artisans and farmers. It is truly a vendor-friendly market.

Northwest Touch

As part of the nonprofit, the Lynden Farmers Market mission embodies Northwest values. With the support of the community, small-businesses thrive, the environment is better taken care of, and people stay educated about their connection to food.

Who to See

While the market does not have set vendors, if you’re lucky you’ll get to see The Little Things and Heaven Kinder Creations. Both vendors specialize in handmade crafts. The Little Things provides soaps, lotions, scrubs, and lovely shampoos and conditioners. Heaven Kinder Creations using recycled materials, like light bulbs and tea cups, to make fun home goods.

Slanted Sun Farms: Located in Everson, this farm’s mission is to provide healthy and sustainably grown produce for those in need. These farmers strongly believe that access to a nutritious diet is a right, not a privilege.


While the market features vendors on a rotating basis, visitors should look out for non-edible goods. Handmade soaps and artisan honey are popular among regular marker-goers.

324 Front St., Lynden

June–October, Thursday 12pm to 5pm

Opening Day: TBA |


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"While the market features vendors on a rotating basis, visitors should look out for non-edible goods. "