Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Work

Fairhaven is Washington’s best-kept secret, according to artist and shop owner Scott Ward, who moved north from Seattle a year ago. The exposed brick buildings, the boardwalk, the historic architecture, and the cozy shops combine to create a storybook-like experience, perfect for afternoon strolls and romantic evening walks. To Ward, the Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk felt like the perfect event to showcase both what the town has to offer, and the work of local artists.

With the addition of Fairhaven Fourth Friday, lovers of art now have four opportunities to stroll and soak up the creativity of Bellingham’s artists: Downtown Art Walk, Summer Solstice Art Walk, and Holiday Art Walk are the others. “There are so many artists around here,” Ward said. “There was enough room for all the art walks.”

To avoid competing with the others, the new event will take place on the fourth Friday of the month rather than the first, occupied by Downtown’s Art Walk. Fairhaven Fourth Friday will also take December off to avoid overlapping with Fairhaven’s Holiday Art Walk.

Ward is new to organizing these types of events, but said he has thoroughly enjoyed the process, and said he wants to work together with the other art walks in town. Ward had previously helped organize Magnolia Summerfest and Winterfest in Seattle. “There’s a much more relaxed sense of living here. It’s gracious and warm,” he said.

Ward says he hopes his monthly art walk brings even more people to Fairhaven, and to Fairhaven businesses. In the future, he wants to try theme months like Teen Month, featuring art done by young people and high school students, or Senior Month, showcasing work done by senior citizens.

With support from the Historical Fairhaven Association and local businesses, Ward said the community came together relatively easily to support the new art walk. The businesses taking part are responsible for finding the artists, Ward said. In July, 18 downtown Fairhaven businesses such as Mambo Italiano, Lovitt, Stones Throw Brewery, Village Books, and Mount Bakery Cafe participated in the walk, as well as Ward’s own store, Current and Furbish. Fairhaven is a livable, quaint village, with a dramatic history,” Ward said. “I love looking out on the cobblestone bricks and people walking by.”

Ward, an artist himself, paints surrealist oil pieces of animals and landscapes, and also illustrated the children’s book, “How Dachshunds Came To Be: A Tall Tale About a Short Long Dog.”

“My favorite part of this whole experience has been meeting the artists. Artists are fascinating people. It feels like we are creating something exciting and new,” Ward said. “The art scene is bigger than I thought it would be.” Ward said he received overwhelming support from the community, and said he was feeling excited, and not nervous at all, because all the pieces were coming together for another way to showcase the art Bellingham has to offer.

Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk
Downtown Fairhaven
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"To Ward, the Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk felt like the perfect event to showcase both what the town has to offer, and the work of local artists."