Lou Nicksic

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?

Having lived in Whatcom County for 46 years, I’ve seen some beautiful scenery here that still amazes me each time I visit that location.

Yearning to cherish these wonderful places led my interests toward the arena of photography.  Capturing that special moment in time with a photograph means something to me.

“Imagery is all about creating an emotional sensation in the eye of the beholder…”

What do you do when you aren’t taking photos?

My main occupation is that of being a Custom Home Builder working as a Project Manager with Credo Construction.  On Saturday mornings, I’m out with my camera shooting the sunrises, waterfronts, and a vast variety of Northwest Birds and wildlife.

What is your favorite spot to photograph?

My favorite local areas to photograph are usually wide open spaces with mountains and barns where I can shoot the image from an elevation high enough to see a far distance.  Or, on the waterfront where there is a multitude of different subjects including dozens of bird species.  Trying to capture a clear image of a bird flying erratically by you at 40 miles an hour is truly a photography challenge.

“Through Art and Photography, one gains entrance into the arena of contemplating meanings…”   Lou Nicksic


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“This Image at Hannegan Pass was captured during a cold fall morning while there was a hint of fog and mist still in the air. The freshness of the mountain morning is a magical and memorable time.”

"Imagery is all about creating an emotional sensation in the eye of the beholder…"