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Packers Oyster Bar
You can’t get fresher or more locally sourced oysters than the farm right outside the bar. These succulent oysters are sure to do the trick, and pair nicely with Packer’s well-crafted cocktails.

Chili Peppers
COA Mexican Eatery
Mount Vernon
Genuine Mexican can be tough to come by, but COA brings it. As mild or spicy as you like, enjoy their chile relleno to bring a little extra heat into your date night. Liven things up with a margarita.

Pumpkin Seeds
La Fiamma’s House Salad
It’s easy to get carried away by the perfectly fired, delicious pizzas at La Fiamma, but the dinner salad with toasted pumpkin seeds should not be overlooked.

The Table’s Charcuterie and Cheese Platter (fig compote)
Ah, the yonic fig. Noted for also being the only clothing in the Garden of Eden, figs are not only potent, they are
delicious. Enjoy this fresh and sweet compote with cheese and meat and a nice glass of wine. See where the evening leads.

Fresco Chocolate
From the Latin word for, appropriately, fresh, Fresco is the perfect name for these velvety, delicious treats. Using only three ingredients—cocoa, cocoa butter and cane sugar—these chocolatiers carefully craft some of the best chocolate in town.