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Saint Edward State Park
Located on a forested bluff overlooking the northern end of Lake Washington, several dirt trails wind around 316
acres of moss-wrapped old growth trees and peekaboo stretches of sand and waterfront. An astonishing 3,000
feet of freshwater shoreline, this former Catholic seminary is known for its undeveloped lakeshore and wide variety
of birds and sea life.
LEVEL Easy-Moderate
LENGTH Multiple mileage options

Big Four Ice Caves
On a gentle grade through clumps of mountain hemlock and fireweed rimmed rocky flats, hikers flock here to marvel at these frozen spectacles of nature. From 1921 to 1949, vacationers came to the ice caves to golf green flats and stay in the now non-existent grand hotel (the only proof of its existence is a crumbling chimney). Today, the hike follows one of the most manicured trails in the Cascades and can be enjoyed by hikers of all walks and ages.
LENGTH 2.2 miles round-trip

Lake Serene & Bridal Veil Falls
If discovering beautiful bodies of water deep in the forest is what inspires you to trek through the wilderness then this hike is a humdinger. First up: Bridal Veil Falls is a dazzling plummet of water that casts a hefty mist and has
two breathtaking viewing platforms. Continue down the trail to discover “secret” Lake Serene tucked between
3,000 foot vertical rock walls. When the basin is calm a mirrored reflection of the cliff faces can be seen in the
lake’s surface.
LEVEL Moderate
LENGTH 7.2 miles round-trip

North Creek Park Boardwalk
This is a hike that anyone can do. Built as a floating boardwalk, it is a unique watershed hike that winds over swaying bridges allowing marshland explorers to see it all without getting their feet wet. As you explore the wetland, keep an eye out for hawks, eagles, ducks, geese, hummingbirds, wrens, even woodpeckers. The winding course
gives hikers solitude, and the flat grade makes it perfect for little feet.
LENGTH 4 miles round-trip

Beckler Peak
Beckler Peak is a big payoff without much investment. Nowhere in this area can you get views like this, as easy
as this. The trail takes you through old growth forest to summit views of Glacier Peak, Evergreen Mountain
and the Monte Cristo range to the north and Mount Baring and Index to the west. This hike is not yet in any
guidebooks, and not on any hiking maps — so you can now consider yourself a hiking insider.
LEVEL Moderate
LENGTH 7.4 miles round-trip