Charcuterie Cheeses

1 Camembert

Experience the creamy, mellow tanginess of this French-style soft cheese—a perfect pairing with wine, fruit, and bread. Cheesemaker Dorothy Bradshaw’s small-batch cheeses can be found in Mount Vernon at the Saturday farmers market and the Skagit Valley Food Co-op, as well as in Bellingham at the Community Food Co-op.

Gates St. & Main St., Mount Vernon
360.540.4066 |

2 Asiago Pressa

This sharp, semi-firm cheese is a younger-aged version of the Italian Asiago Pressato. Crafted by Ferndale Farmstead and sold at Haggen, this cheese is an upgrade from your standard cheddar.

2780 Aldergrove Rd., Ferndale
360.255.7062 |

3 Caerphilly

Visit Gothberg Farms and try their Caerphilly cheese—a hard cheese made from their fresh goat milk and aged over a year. Find it at the Anacortes or Bellingham Farmers Market or the Community Food Co-op.

15203 Sunset Rd., Bow
360.202.2436 |

4 Gouda

Samish Bay Cheese features an excellent array of goudas. From mild to extra-sharp or flavored, any of these goudas are great. Find them at their retail shop or at varying farmers markets in the area.

15115 Bow Hill Rd., Bow
360.766.6707 |

5 Whatcom Blue

Savory, robust, and aged more than 60 days, Whatcom Blue will make your platter stand out. Crafted at Twin Sisters Creamery in Ferndale, this cheese can be found at Haggen and Community Food Co-ops.

6202 Portal Way, Ferndale
360.656.5240 |

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"Savory, robust, and aged more than 60 days, Whatcom Blue will make your platter stand out."