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The Cascadia Art Museum pays tribute to Nellie Cornish and the Cornish College of the Arts, a school whose international legacy spans both visual and performing arts. Produced in partnership with Cornish, the exhibit draws upon the college’s collection, as well as from private collections such as the estate of Mary Ann Wells, who founded the Dance Department. Curator David Martin’s expertise and personal relationships proved valuable to the exhibition’s development. His efforts have been described as “Herculean.” Artists featured include John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Robert Joffrey and visual artists Bruce Inverarity, Ebba Rapp, and Mark Tobey. The culminating exhibit includes rare ephemera, even puppets from the Theatre Department, as well as rare watercolors, nude contour drawings, and historic paintings, sculptures, photographs and costumes. Considered together, they communicate the influence and impact of the widely recognized art institute.