Homeowners Delight Green and Michael Newlight hired Craig Burling, owner and general contractor of CB Premier Construction, to build an addition onto the master suite of their creative Chuckanut Drive house. The 850 square foot addition included a bedroom, bathroom and closets, all with electric radiant heat.


“The house is 41 years old and we thought the master bath was dated, Delight said. “Also, we wanted more closet space to make the house fit with contemporary expectations for a house of this quality and size.” Aside from these details, it was important to Green and Newlight that the master bedroom become soundproof, so one of Burling’s first orders of business was to work with a sound engineer. The bedroom of their house is only 350 feet from the train crossing, and every time the train blew its horn, the sound permeated the walls of the entire house.


The sound engineer recommended using high rate sound transmission class noise frequency glass in the windows of the bedroom in order to keep the train noise out. The sound engineer stayed at the house for a night to measure the sound frequency of the trains. Burling put rubber on top of the foundation to keep the train’s vibrations from shaking the bedroom. All of the windows were custom made and finished for the house. “The room is much quieter, and I think we sleep better with the quieter environment,” Green said.


The bedroom also features a custom-made bed and a 3D stone tile fireplace. Each carved limestone tile was imported from Italy and took 3 months to travel by boat to the U.S. The mantel is made of steel and was power coated so it looks like stone, but it’s more durable.

“We love the large closets and built in dressers and having a fireplace in the bedroom,” Green said. “However, the most pleasing aesthetically is the large bathroom with walls of beautiful aqua blue tiles, a sunken Japanese soaking tub and a large shower with a Hansgrohe shower head that sprays and has a waterfall.”

The bathroom is modern and covered in the aqua blue Green described. Burling and his team built a 12-foot-wall glass shower as well as a long countertop with LED lights underneath the glass layer. The lights give off a blue hue, illuminating the entire bathroom at night. The countertop itself is made of recycled glass that was melted down and fitted with two glass sink bowls.

Burling worked every day with his crew to make sure Green’s addition would live up to expectations. This is not uncommon for Burling, however; he believes one of the special things about CB Premier Construction is all of the custom work and care for the project. Burling designed a one-of-a-kind bathtub for the addition’s bathroom. It’s a square tub, positioned low into the ground with a steel ring around it.

Delight said she was very pleased with the work of Burling and his crew at CB Premier Construction, particularly in terms of attention to detail. For example, Delight said there was a tiled wall that didn’t meet at a right angle. Rather than have the edges of the tile showing, Craig mitered the glass tile so it fit tightly.

“You can imagine how hard it was to cut the glass tile and leave a smooth edge, Green said. “That is just one example of his skill and creativity.”

The project took a year and was finally finished in July 2013.

"Delight said she was very pleased with the work of Burling and his crew at CB Premier Construction, particularly in terms of attention to detail."