The Birch Door Cafe

The Birch Door Cafe does not fall short on charm, variety, or serving size. Once you open the massive birch door and enter the spacious lobby, you’ll immediately be greeted by friendly service and enchanting smells. Opened in June 2017, the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Brunch enthusiasts will be delighted by the three pages of breakfast options. Dishes include traditional pancake breakfast platters, French-style baked omelets, egg scrambles and benedicts, and plenty more. For those of us looking for a less intimidating plate size, the menu lists several “lighter fare” options that include juice and coffee with your meal. These smaller plates run at about $13, while most of the other breakfast options range from $13 to $15 and do not include juice or coffee. However, the most famous item on the menu is the apple pancake. The 3-inch-tall soufflé-style pancake is filled with fresh apples and piled high with a cinnamon sugar glaze. Listen for the ringing of the kitchen bell every time one of these massive breakfasts is served.

The Northwestern Eggs Benedict hits the sweet spot between too heavy and not enough. Wild Pacific smoked salmon atop a toasted English muffin is accompanied by a heaping of homemade Hollandaise and two poached eggs. When it comes to Eggs Benedict, it is all about the Hollandaise, and the Northwestern delivers. The sauce is creamy and full of complex flavor, never approaching bland. All Benedict dishes are served with your choice of three buttermilk pancakes or breakfast-style potatoes.

Owners Casey and Taria Nagler have the restaurant business in their blood. Casey’s parents, brother, and sister all operate café-style eateries around Washington. It is no wonder The Birch Door Cafe emulates such a family environment. With a dining room that seats 126, the space is designed for large gatherings of friends and family.

4192 Meridian St., Bellingham
360.306.8598 |
"The Birch Door Cafe does not fall short on charm, variety, or serving size."