In a town defined by craft beer and breweries, Snowy River Cocktail Co. is mixing things up with Instagram-worthy, luxury cocktails.  

Snowy River Cocktail Co. started as an online cocktail decorating brand, selling cocktail glitters, flavoring, and sugar/salt rimmers. Wanting customers to experience their products first-hand, the company opened a bar in Seattle in April of 2020. A second location opened last September in downtown Bellingham, right next to Mount Baker Theatre. 

“We make these products in Bellingham, and we are selling this product around the country,” says Stuart CutlerCEO of Snowy River Cocktail Co“We decided it would be fun to have our own bars where customers can come in and try the latest in cocktail decor.”  

Top-selling products include multicolored salt and sugar mixes that are perfect for special occasions, like birthdays. There’s even a red, white, and blue mix for the Fourth of July. Other favorites include cocktail glitter and an unflavored drink coloring that turns your drink iridescent.   

“We’re probably one of the only bars in the country where we’ll ask you what color you’d like your martini,” Cutler says. 

Unlike some artificial cocktail decor products, Snowy River uses only natural ingredients, extracting natural coloring from fruit and vegetables.  

“You’re making a beautiful cocktail, you want to decorate it beautifully,” Cutler says. “But then you don’t want to dump a whole lot of chemicals into it either.” 

To sample Snowy River’s photo-worthy cocktails, drop by the bar, open Wednesday through Saturday evenings from 4 p.m. Cocktails are $11-12 and range from fruity martinis to decadent mudslides. If you’re hungry, snack on traditional pub fare like sliders ($3.95), spicy chicken wings ($12), and poutine ($6.50).  

While you’re there, make sure to purchase your favorite Snowy River products so you can whip up your own cocktails at home. Visit the company’s website for dozens of drink recipes. Here are a few you can taste at the bar or make at home:  

Pretty in Peach  

This refreshing, fruity cocktail uses Snowy River coloring to create a fushia color throughout. With tequila and peach liqueur giving it a not-too-sweet taste, the drink is garnished with their rock salt and a slice of lime. 

Molten Gold Martini 

Drinks for dessert? Yes please! This martini has a rich, butterscotch taste that shines in your glass with gold cocktail glitter. With a salt garnish to break up the sweetness, it will feel like you’re drinking liquid gold. A must try!  

Corpse Reviver 

This cocktail comes with a little bit of a kick. Gin and dry vermouth create a strong drink with fruity undertones. Snowy River cocktail glitter creates a dark sapphire color. The drink is garnished with Blue Dream Cocktail Rimmer sugar and a lemon.  

Raspberry Drop  

Inspired by the traditional lemon drop, this drink brings even more color and sour flavor. Bright red glitter swirls through the drink and is garnished with red cocktail sugar100 N. Commercial St., Bellingham, 360.526.2821,