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Tips on How to Prevent the Flu this Holiday Season

CDC Estimates 1,300 Deaths Already from the Flu this Season MEMPHIS, TENN. – As holiday season approaches, Dr. Richard Webby, a member of the Infectious Diseases Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Composition Team, today offers tips on staying healthy while publishing a guest op-ed in Newsweek reminding everyone that “it is still not too late to get the flu…

It’s About Family

Standing up for Hawai’i’s Most Sacred Mountain You might think Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, but the distinction actually belongs to a Hawaiian mountain called Mauna Kea. The dormant volcano reaches 33,500 feet from sea floor to summit and is where Native Hawaiian culture places the origin story of the universe. It’s also where a consortium…

Safe Journey Tokitae Totem, we join you in calling Tokitae home to her Salish Sea waters!

The Whatcom Museum will host the Lummi Nation’s Orca Tokitae totem pole on Thurs., June 13, 6-8:00 pm at Old City Hall, as it journeys back home after traveling across the country. Making stops along the West Coast, hundreds will gather at various venues in support of the Lummi Nation’s mission to bring their beloved Orca Tokitae back to her native waters and family in the Salish Sea. Tokitae is the last surviving orca whale taken from…

Celebrate Mom

We are here to help you find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, whether it’s flowers and chocolates, or an experience you can share together.

2019 Earth Day Events

Support your planet during a week of Earth Day festivities: Visit a sustainable food fair, film festival, 5k run, parade or work party!

April is National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month and there are so many ways to help out and give back to your community, these are just a few ideas!

Earth Day Faves

Take a look at our staff sustainability favorites! Full of innovative and fun products you may not have heard of yet, along with some sweet Earth Day sales.

Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair

All Whatcom County Students, grades K-12, are invited to participate in the seventh annual Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair. Below you will find a list of important dates, information about registering, and other ways you can be involved. Congratulations to all our young scientists…

Winter Storm Outreach

There are roughly 800 homeless individuals in immediate need in Whatcom County alone.

Unconventional Christmas Tree Photo Challenge

We challenged you to make an unconventional tree, whether it was made to represent your business or just from things found around your house, and we LOVED the results! Our winner for the 2018…

2018 Gift Giving Guide

While the holidays are full of fun and jolly, gift shipping can get tricky when trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Do not worry! We have you covered with our 2018 Gift Giving…