Since 2009 K & L Media, Inc. has been producing national award winning publications connecting advertisers with active affluent households in the North Puget Sound Region. By providing local content that Speaks to Where We Live we help our readers become connected to the people and businesses in their communities and beyond.

All our readers are outdoor enthusiasts, love to travel, and are active and involved in all aspects of the community from dining out to attending events.



Bellingham Alive | 32,526            

NSL Guest Book | 20,000

Couture Weddings | 20,000



Bellingham Alive | 218,535          

NSL Guest Book | 2,088,000

Couture Weddings | 121,5000


Bellingham Alive Magazine is available at over 400 hundred newsstands from Seattle to the Canadian border. Retailers include Haggens, Rite Aid, Bartells, Fred Meyer, Central Markets, Safeway, Albertsons and independent markets.

In addition to our rapidly growing subscriber base we are prominently displayed in over 3500 hotel rooms throughout the North Sound.  You will also find us in all hospitals, physician offices, professional waiting rooms, and select beauty salons from N. Seattle to the Canadian Border.

Bellingham Alive is the in-flight magazine for San Juan Airlines is prominently displayed on Amtrak – Cascade trains, all routes from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, B.C.

Couture Weddings is distributed to all subscribers and placed in professional waiting rooms. Copies are also distributed at bridal shows and events throughout the North Sound.

Our NSL Guestbook is a beautiful, hardcover coffee table book that we distribute in hotel rooms and visitor bureaus along the I-5 corridor.


47     Median age

83%  Female

82%  Educated, hold a graduate degree or higher

52%  Plan on purchasing furniture

37%  Plan on a home remodel

31%  Plan on purchasing an automobile

73%  Attended a theater performance in the past 6 months.

43%  Dine out 4–6 times a month &  29%  Dine out 7 or more times a month

44%  Exercise at a health club

49%  Attend a sporting event

46%  Visit a spa &  20%  Play Golf



96%  Read magazine cover to cover

87%  Read last 5 out of 5 magazines

79%  Spent 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours reading each issue

69%  Have purchased off an ad seen

66%  Dined at a restaurant found in magazine

58%  Attended an event found in magazine

51%  Visit a website after seeing ad in magazine

Source: 2015 Email Readership Survey



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Bellingham Alive



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Note: Circulation numbers include digital subscriptions and single copy sales.