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A Master Bath Worth Waiting For
Our master bath remodel had been a long time coming. It started in my head when we bought our 1920s Tudor in Bellingham 13 years ago. The unfinished attic had been remodeled in the 80s, and the bath was added then—good space, but the dark wallpaper, phone booth-sized shower and graying linoleum...
Container Herb Gardens
Starting Small
Brightening Your Bedroom
We spend more time in our bedrooms than we do in any other room in the house, so getting your bedroom comfortable and feeling fresh is essential to a healthy, balanced life. We have some tips and tricks to make your bedroom a sanctuary.
Home to Home
Home to Home
From Tree to Table
 From Tree to Table
Fresh Cuts
How to make and keep floral arrangements--
Home Automation
Online Exclusive!--Easy Living--Home automation allows new ease with the touch of a button
Ferndale Fairytale
--Ferndale Fairytale--Couple’s cottage-style home inspired by Thomas Kincade
Modern furniture design draws from nature
Steve Pell, Pellican Design Inc.-- Modern furniture design drawn from natureWhile growing up in Nevada, furniture maker/designer Steve Pell was exposed to design by a neighbor who was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. After two years of college, Pell left Reno to travel the country...
Mod Redux
1950's classic gets contemporary update-- Half old/half new, half vintage/half current, half refinished/half refreshed describes this throwback classic! A 50/’50s blend that bridges the decades with a touch of organic and man-made: What was popular then is popular now.When TANNA BY DESIGN was...