“A 100 YEARS OF FASHIONS” is the theme for the Ferndale Heritage Society’s Vintage Fashion Show event in the Pioneer Pavilion at Pioneer Park in Ferndale, April 23 at 7pm and again on April 24, 2016 at 2pm.
All visitors are invited to be dazzled by models strolling down the runway in both original and custom designed outfits from Louise Sager’s exclusive collection. Some visitors will enjoy the experience firsthand seeing fashions wore in the 1870’s, while others will be able to reminisce back in time to fashions they wore themselves. Also, on display only, will be 100 years of wedding dresses, some too fragile to be worn. Ferndale Heritage Society volunteers welcome guests for the show and will be serving refreshments. Individual tables will be decorated by members to showcase individually chosen themes. Tickets are $15, available in advance, starting April 11th at the Ferndale Visitor Center inside the Pavilion. Funds raised will go towards buying tables for the newly renovated Pavilion’s future events.