Catherine’s current body of work created for the show Silence Without Echo is resplendent in it’s meditation on silence. The silence of the pond at sunrise, the silence of a bird sitting on a branch and the silence of just being, in the shadow or the light.

Using her travel photos for the initial base layer of the paintings, Catherine continues to add additional layer of pigmented bees wax to the surface, layering up the image until the process reveals the painting.

In this collection of paintings, the artist helps us to observe how light affects quiet. How light affects the shadows. And how light is ever changing in our realm of space, wind, water and earth.

Reception for the artist on Friday August 8th 4 – 7 pm

Join Catherine on Saturday August 9th from 11.30 to 1.30 for a artist walk/talk sharing her insights about her work.

Starting its 32nd year, WaterWorks Gallery located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island is a contemporary light filled gallery space that continues to evolve as a gallery dedicated to showing artists from the Islands, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. The represented artists, painters, sculptors and jewelers reflect the areas beauty, both conventional and unusual. That is the flavor of the Northwest, making WaterWorks Gallery the unique place it is.