Islanders and visitors alike are invited to join in the fun and help give San Juan, Orcas, Lopez and Shaw Island their annual spring cleaning! Last year during the Great Islands Clean-Up, over 400 people collected about 6200 pounds of litter from the roadsides and beaches of the three islands, and how wonderful everything looked! But sadly, a portion of our refuse continues to end up as litter. Thoughtless tossing of bottles, cans, food wrappers, or cigarette butts; accidental “blowing away” of debris from unsecured loads on boats and trucks; or deliberate dumping of tires, etc., all contribute to the need to make litter pick-up an ongoing effort.

Litter-picker-uppers can work as individuals, families, or as part of a larger group.

Lopez Island:

For roads or beaches, contact Mike Moore 360-468-3622 or and Kirm Taylor 360-468-2474 or

Orcas Island:

For roads or beaches, contact Pete Moe at (360) 376-4089 or

San Juan Island:

For beach clean-up, contact Jana Marks (360) 378-2319 or

For roadside clean-up, contact Catherine Kenney: (360) 317-4509 or or

Shaw Island:

For roads or beaches, contact Stephanie Buffum at (360) 378-2319 or

We hope you will want to participate this year in making us “litter-free by the sea”!