Cuttlefish bone is a very interesting material and students will each use one as a mold to cast a Sterling Silver piece. Design possibilities can be random and full of suspense. Work with small tools or objects to imprint shapes into the cuttlefish bone and pour in melted sterling silver to fill in the hollowed shape you’ve created. The texture of the cuttlefish bone looks like sand waves and is only obtained by this fun and exciting method. Typically, you will be able to make a ring or a pendant. Some sawing, filling, selective reshaping, sanding and polishing will be the steps to finish your piece. You may cast in a small pyrite cube or a heat resistant stone to enhance your piece. Silver for casting can be recycling your clean sterling silver scrap or you can purchase silver that will be available the day of the class.

Instructor: Marie-Claire Dole

Course Fee: $160.00, plus materials purchased the day of the class.

Material: Available or bring your own: Minimum fee of $5 will cover one cuttlefish bone per student. Please remember to bring clean Sterling Silver scrap if you have any. Bring pyrite cube if you have any also. Most other stones will crack. I don’t recommend faceted stones.
Sterling Silver will be available at current market price if needed. (Estimated at $15 per piece if needed.)

Prerequisite: Open to adults, 18 years or older, Any skill levels.

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