​​July​ 2​1 – September 4
Exploring the concept of borders: Physical and Conceptual

Physical Border: America and Canada

Conceptual Borders: What choices are made in ideas, materials and techniques

This exhibition is a pairing of American and Canadian jewelry artists exploring the differences and similarities that influence the artists concepts and choice of materials.

Each of the invited artist from each country are asked to investigate the concept of a border and crossing borders while looking at similarities and difference that occur between people living “across the border”. This show hopes to demonstrate the parallels and contrasts between nations and artists.

Invited American jewelers: Maru Almeida, Laurie Hall, Micki Lippe, Suzanne Osborn, Stephanie Tomczak. and Myung Urso

Invited Canadian jewelers: Lydia Buxton, Bridget Catchpole, Suzanne Nairne, Louise Perrone, Susan Remmant, and Jan Smith

Reception for the artists Friday, July​ 21st 4 – 7 pm

Please join the artists for informal artist talk/walk offering insight into the show, Saturday
July 22​nd from 11.30 to 1.30 pm


Starting its 32nd year, WaterWorks Gallery located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island is a contemporary light filled gallery space that continues to evolve as a gallery dedicated to showing artists from the Islands, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. The represented artists, painters, sculptors and jewelers reflect the areas beauty, both conventional and unusual. That is the flavor of the Northwest, making WaterWorks Gallery the unique place it is.