About Us

Bellingham Alive, North Sound Life, and Snohomish County magazines are dedicated to bringing a positive voice to the local Bellingham community and North Sound Region as upscale lifestyle magazines + website designed to celebrating ourselves and our accomplishments, while promoting local business and community dialogue with fresh, informative and provocative feature articles as well as a unique public forum for all stakeholders to be heard. For more information and updates about our magazines visit our facebook page or follow us on Twitter!

Enviromental Commitment

K&L Media is proud of Bellingham residents' and businesses' environmental commitment that garnered the city a No. 1 ranking on the EPA's list of Green Power communities two years running. In keeping with this community philosophy, K&L Media publications are printed only on FSC green-certified paper. We also encourage all subscribers to save paper by subscribing online at our subscription page.


K&L Media seeks to provide meaningful experiences for students in our community by offering internships in a wide array of academic practices and paths. These internships are meant to provide students with professional experience, a dynamic learning environment, and above all an opportunity to increase the value of their education while participating in our community's business environment. If you are interested in gaining experience in any of the fields listed, please apply for an internship today!