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The work of Aaron Lovett

The single most important thing to understand about Aaron Lovett’s work is that when you encounter a piece, whether it’s a railing or a public sculpture, it was designed and created for that specific space.

Net Zero House – Featured Home

Sean Haven of Haven Design workshop took on the challenge of designing and building a Net Zero house.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

All of us have days that are a little less colorful than others—a case of the blahs, a sense of being stuck in our lives, a rough time in relationships around us, the grind of routine.

Eco-friendly design

Considerations like direction of sunlight, storm runoff, window materials, and flooring are all part of the eco package.

Via Birch Bay Cafe

Oh is a humble man, but he clearly takes pride in this lovely place that he’s had to build twice. May the waves stay at bay, because this seaside café deserves to stand the test of time.

Bay View House – Featured Home

Natural textures like wood and stone complement the white walls and countertops.

The Filling Station

The minds behind Avenue Bread are at it again but are taking a more retro approach to their second venture, The Filling Station.

Snow Goose Books and Frames

THE SHOP Nestled in the tiny town of Stanwood is Snow Goose Books & Frame a 30-year-old shop, where owners and staff members offer knowledgeable and friendly service. They know their neighbors, as well as their neighbors’ interests in literature and taste in art for framing. “We really get to know our customers,” said Kristine Kaufman, co-owner of Snow Goose Books and Frames. “We have a personal way of relating with customers, which comes naturally through the business [of…

The Pilchuck Glass School

A garden of glowing spikes, a ceiling of sea creatures—Dale Chihuly’s influence upon Washington’s art scene is felt in every gallery walk and at every art show. With patrons Anne Gould Hauberg and John H. Hauberg, Chihuly founded The Pilchuck Glass School…

WONDER WOMAN – Dr. Jean Hernandez

Not long after Dr. Jean Hernandez was named President of Edmonds Community College (ECC) in 2011, she received affirmation in the form of the Honorary Triton Award—Outstanding Administrator Award. “The Triton Award was a very sweet honor, because I had been on campus for just five months when student government awarded it,” Hernandez said. “It validated for me that I was connecting with students and supporting…

Edmonds: The Heart of the Arts

The inspiring landscape, supportive community, and rich artistic history create a lure that draws artists and art enthusiasts to Edmonds. “There’s a power and a presence about being in Edmonds,” said Elizabeth Martin-Calder, interim executive director of Cascadia Art Museum. Since its beginning, the community has supported and encouraged the arts. “If you go way back things sort of started with some of the social clubs in early Edmonds, some of which date back to the early 1900s,” said…

English High Bank Waterfront Home

The goal was to build a timeless waterfront escape—a vacation home on Camano Island with architectural character and traditional elements. “My clients wanted the home to feel as if it had been lived in before,” said principal architect Dan Nelson of Designs Northwest. Situated on an exceptionally steep bank that offers views of both Skagit Bay and Mount Baker, the result is a threestory…

Estate Planning Help

“My name is Nathan McAllister and I am an attorney primarily practicing law in the area of estate planning, particularly wills, trusts and probate. Please consider me a resource for information regarding estate planning.The death of a family member is a rigorous and spiritually taxing event. However, thinking about and planning for one’s death can also be unsettling. Many issues confront a person contemplating their own demise.

Planning before one’s death can help ease the legal process of administering your estate and may spare grieving family members the additional burden of extended probate proceedings and drawn out litigation.”